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Prefabricated Houses

We provide services for residential buildings and living spaces with our experienced team by producing high quality prefabricated structures.

Commercial Prefabricated Buildings

We prepare and furnish all kind of prefabricated construction systems as required in the construction areas at high quality.

Light Steel

In all projects, we prioritize customer satisfaction and provide professional steel solutions.

Campaign Products

Please see below for a list of campaign products in housing projects.

Which kind of structures
do you manufacture using
prefabricated construction techniques?

Some of the products manufactured with prefabricated construction techniques are enlisted below: Prefabricated Houses, Prefabricated WC-Shower Buildings, Prefabricated Worksite Office Buildings, Prefabricated Dining Hall Buildings and Dormitory Buildings etc. This also applies for containers. As for steel buildings, more precisely steel construction structures, we may, in addition to the units above, also build high-volume structures such as factory buildings, steel hangars etc.

Prefabricated Oriel Houses

Metot Prefabrik, leader in building prefabricated oriel houses in Turkey, offers modern prefabricated oriel houses at desired size and floor. Good news for those who say If I have an oriel house, then I don’t mind owing one million dollars”! Let aside the debt, you may save a great...
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Are prefabricated houses portable?

Would it be bad if you move to a new city with your house when you get bored? With prefabricated houses, this is easy and quite safe! The prefabricated houses, produced and installed in compliance with earthquake regulations and international standards, are ...
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May a prefabricated house be given as a wedding present?

A prefabricated house may be given as a wedding present; actually, we cannot image a better present! Whether intended as a winter or summer house, prefabricated houses produced and installed at affordable prices and in any size and floor, are ...
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